Off to the UK

I have one last trip before seriously sitting down to write my thesis. The SPIE conference for astronomical telescopes and instrumentation starts next week and I’ll be advertising my new study on a wavefront sensing method that could serve as a back-up for fine phasing JWST. Lucky for me the conference this year is a city I’ve never been to — Edinburgh! I’m very excited for the trip.

I’m making a few days stop in London first to visit Oxford University and talk a bit about my work with GPI and NIRISS, and what’s to come in the very near future for exoplanet science at small inner working angles! The only time I’ve ever been to the UK was for a 12 hour layover, so I’m really looking forward to spending a week+ with friends and colleagues, not to mention talking technology and hearing about the latest news for all things space telescopes, adaptive optics, and extreme contrasts.

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