Astronomy is for everyone.

Short update: As I’ve completed a year in the Michigan Astronomy department, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the community I’ve joined. I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to find a place here and that there is a network of kind and supportive people that make up this department. Earlier in the year I helped put together a department poster that would capture, at least partially our collective values of inclusivity. We had a range of ideas and strategies that we debated. And then an idea emerged that we all, for the most part, agreed on! “One Planet, One people. Astronomy is for Everyone.” While a simple statement cannot capture all the values of our department, this is a start for expressing to everyone who comes through that they belong here.


The poster is now displayed prominently in front of the department office. I consider this a constant reminder to myself to check my biases, to be supportive of my colleagues, and to foster a positive climate wherever I am doing astronomy. Astronomy is for everyone.

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